The Geertsma Group of Companies has a proven reputation for good workmanship and high quality finished work. Geertsma Construction (1988) Ltd. would be responsible to ensure that the completed work meets or exceeds the standard of quality given by the original performance specification. To this end, a Quality Control/Assurance System is set in place to ensure and confirm that the required quality standards are being achieved.


The Quality Control/Assurance System consists of:

Communication in advance, and throughout the time of the project; what the specified standards are; and that they are to be adhered to. Checking the work as it progresses that it is in conformity with the specified standards. Appropriate testing and inspection procedures that confirm materials and workmanship meet the specified standards. 

The Geertsma Group of Companies will engage in control activities:

  • Communicating, and requiring commitment to, the necessary standard of quality.
  • Regularly reviewing specifications, drawings, shop drawings, materials certifications with own staff, with designer, with engineers, with subcontractors as applicable to understand the requirements and to track how they are being met.
  • Engaging as appropriate to the scope of the project, experienced staff, designer, engineers, subcontractors capable of and committed to providing good quality work.
  • Requiring careful and where applicable, full-time supervision of construction operations; that there is a continuous examination and checking of both the layout and the quality of the work as it is installed during the course of the Project; and that any deficient work be found corrected before it can be covered or built over.
  • Engaging as appropriate to the scope of the project, an independent and qualified inspection and testing firm to carry out specialized quality assurance procedures (such as soils, concrete, structural steel, roofing inspection/testing), and distributing reports to designer, engineer, site, and applicable sub-trades.
  • Co-ordinating materials and equipment delivered to the site that they are correct and that they arrive on time so that they can be properly incorporated into the work. Requesting and approving particular samples of materials and of workmanship where these can be set and referred back to as acceptable for the project.
  • Additional quality control procedures as Design Builders

It is to everyone's advantage that the work be completed in a good order and to the proper quality of workmanship. A good quality management plan is the means to that end.


A good health and safety program can save lives, avoid accidents and injuries, minimize lost time, keep insurance premiums low, improve attitudes and behavior, and produce good relations between parties contracted or working together.

Safety measures and accident prevention programs currently in practice by this Builder include: 

  1. Company wide commitment to health and safety as outlined in the formal safety policy statement. 
  2. Safety orientation and start up sheet to be reviewed with and signed by all new employees. 
  3. Ensuring proper personal protection equipment is worn.
  4. Information safety bulletins regularly forwarded to all site superintendents for their review and presentation to workers through 'tool box' talks.
  5. OH&S Act prominently posted and in good condition on all sites. 
  6. WHMIS training for all longer term employees. 
  7. MSDS's on site in advance of material deliveries. 
  8. First aid kit on each site and superintendent to have first aid training from St. John's Ambulance course. 
  9. Fire extinguishers properly charged on each site. 
  10. Regular safety audits by designated site safety representatives or Health and Safety Committee. 
  11. Assistance to government safety officer. 
  12. Safety meetings with minutes recorded and distributed. 
  13. Good housekeeping for a clean site. 
  14. Proper material handling and storage. 
  15. Identification and posting of hazards. 
  16. Permitting only qualified personnel to operate equipment. 
  17. Reviewing special procedures and obtaining required permits (hot water, confined spaces, explosives, etc.). 
  18. Communication and follow-up of safety procedures with subcontractors. 

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